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NOISCO Services

we provide professional services according to our clients needs

Vessel Services
  • Collision surveys and investigation
  • Hull & Machinery surveys and investigation
  • P & I Club casualty investigation
  • P & I Club condition surveys
  • “Stop Loss” surveys and investigation
  • Oil shortage and contamination investigation
  • Monitoring loading and discharge operation
  • Water-tight integrity of the hatch covers
  • Attend on behalf of Charters or Owners as super cargo & Port Captain
  • Monitoring the loading of heavy lifts and their securing arrangements
  • Vehicle/Cargo Measurement survey
  • Draft surveys
  • Short-landing investigation
  • Towage surveys
  • Marine damage investigation
  • Unsafe berth and port investigation
  • Off hire/On hire Bunker and Condition surveys
  • Condition and pre-sale surveys
  • Draft on/off hire surveys
  • Loading & discharge survey
  • Tally arrangements
  • Marine Accident & Investigations (grounding, fire, collision, etc.)

NOISCO Services

Cargo Survey / Loss estimation
  • Quay damage investigation and survey
  • Cargo surveys and investigation
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Pre-purchase survey
  • Cargo superintendency
  • Container inspection
  • Sampling and arrangement for analysis
  • Discharge monitoring survey
  • Loading survey
  • Lashing survey / certification
  • Loss Adjusting

Pioneers in Marine Survey and Loss Adjusting

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